Friday, December 23, 2011

wowza the holidays are here!(excuse the cornyness)

Hello everyone! I hope your excited for the holidays. I am, I just can't believe they are already here! I have been so busy with work and thanksgiving and visiting family its been a whirlwind. I have been back on my diet for a while but these huge family dinners haven't helped so I'm at a standstill of only  losing 12 pounds. I have recently gotten some early Christmas presents like the urban decay book of shadows four and the balm and the beautiful palette by the balm. I want to do a tutorial /review with that because I haven't seen many people with it, my mom found it at marshals. Anyway I'm currently up at 12:04 AM waiting till 3 in the morning for my mom to get home from work so we can open presents because we celebrate our Christmas on Christmas eve and we always convince her that it is technically Christmas eve then we should get to open them. I'm also especially excited because it is mine and my boyfriend William's first Christmas together so it's special for a sap like me! I'm not so excited about going to his family's Christmas tomorrow because it will be the first time they meet me besides like his mom and dad and immediate family. I know I will be fine but I still have the jitters. So I guess that is all for now tell me how your holiday functions go!- court.