Friday, January 21, 2011

..Lock and Key...

**** SPOILERS****
So I'll start off by saying I absolutely love this book. I can't beleive I didn't pick it up before. I got off to a slow start because I'm buisy with school work and things but as soon as i actually sat down to really read it I was hooked. The main character Ruby was so interesting with all her theories and ideas on things, some I related to but most I just just got her point and understood why she felt the way she did. I think by the end my favorite thing was that after she had came around to everything changing she experienced how it felt for her sister and everyone to help her see she needed help when she was dealing with Nate. She got to kind of see the from the outside how wrong she was about being okay. I think IT would be good for everyone to step back and look at their situations and see whats really going on as the person trying to help them before things explode terribly and it would help. I gave this book 5 stars and i hope to read more of her books,
p.s. my next book is going to be Fallen by Lauren Kate
This is an assignment for english class I did on Lock and key so it might help you understand my views a bit more.

Book Lock and Key Author Sarah Dessen

Publisher The Penguin Group Copywrite 2008 No. of pages 422

Type of Book : Fiction or Non-Fiction (adventure, mystery, biography, etc.)

Fiction,Young Adult , romance, family tradjedy

List the characters. Under line the main character. Give a brief assessment of each.

Ruby- is a 17 year old living on her own in very bad conditions because her mom abandons her. When the landlord calls children services her sister Cora, adopts her and she goes to live with her and her husband, Jamie in their huge house and gets transferred to a private school.

Cora- Ruby’s sister who is ten years older than her and takes her in. She works as a social worker. She moved out of the house when she was 18 and planned to come back for Ruby but their mom made it hard because she purposely moved and changed their information when Cora would get closer to finding them.

Mom- Ruby and Cora’s mom had the same name as Ruby. After the dad left she turned into an alcoholic and druggie and at times hit the girls. She preached to ruby that everyone was out to get them and she had to learn to be independent and under the radar.

Jamie- is the owner of the social network site and is Cora’s college sweetheart and husband. Very cheerful and does everything he can to welcome ruby and give her every opportunity he could.

Nate- Next door neighbor boy who tries to get ruby to open up and he helps her the first night at Cora’s when she tries to run away but Jamie comes out so Nate covers for her. He works with his dad who is very controlling and beats him in the end he gets Cora’s help because ruby realizes she needs to help him. He and ruby become boyfriend and girlfriend.

The Honeycutts- The landlord husband and wife, who report Ruby’s mom abandoning her.

Mr. Blake Cross- is Nate’s dad, the owner of rest assured that he has his son

Nate help with.

Olivia- is Ruby’s friend at Perkins, day who was also from Jackson her old school.

Harriet-is a nervous wreck owner of a jewelry kiosk in the mall who hires Ruby to work for her.

Reggie- is friend of Harriet’s who owns a vitamin kiosk in the mall who likes Harriet.

Describe the setting. Explain how this had an affect on the characters and their actions

Takes place in wildflower ridge where Ruby Moves to with her sister and brother-in-law from the yellow house where her mom abandoned her.

Describe the climax of the story or most interesting part? (This will depend on the type of book.)

The climax to, was when Ruby is taking her calculus test and figures out that Nate is in the empty house that they once delivered stuff to then she goes there and talks him into

Describe the feeling and thoughts you had while reading this book?

When I was reading this book I felt like I connected with ruby. A lot of her thought on things were how I feel sometimes for example when she talks about leaving someone before you get left. Even though it might not be a good trait all the time its how I feel so I felt really connected with her. I also felt the emotions she was going through with everything changing and not feeling settled. Even though that not how my life is I just imagined and at times it made me cry like it was happening to me.

Provide five points of interest about the author.

-born in 1970 in Illinois.

-her parents were both professors at the university of North Carolina.

-He first official book was That Summer

-She has a husband, daughter and two dogs.

Identify other literary works of this author.

Just listen, The Truth about Forever, This Lulliby, Dreamland, Keeping the moon..ect.

Describe the author’s writing style (ideas and the way they are expressed).

Young language. First person. Some humor. Complex stories but, relatable.

Provide the two sources for your information.

and the book.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

no school...

So today I was getting ready for school and my mom tells me we have a two-hour delay.Now I figure I have the extra time to do something cool with my makeup so before I knew it had sparkly green,matte purple eyeshadow and magenta colored feather lashes on and i was totally going to wear them when my mom tells me we are closed, so that was a bust but I fully intend on wearing them wherever I go today and possibly try again tomorrow:)
-kortnee *im still in yet another reading block but i started lock and key by sarah dessen.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


First of all oh-my-god that was the longest reading block ever, but finally I am finished. I love this series but its taking way too long that's the downfall I'm having with getting excited about reading them. With that said, I think the first first few were better because now they seem so overdone. however, i still like them enough to still read them.

The second book is heartless a pretty little liars book by sarah sheperd. I find I'm kind of having the same problem with the series being too drug on. Also since it is very drama packed I like that but its kind of bittersweet because its like come on now really? you can only die so many times and come back before its ridiculous lol

Now I've started lock and key by sarah dessen but I'm really busy with school so I probably wont really get into it till tomorrow or Sunday.
night night-kortnee

Saturday, January 1, 2011


so I'm currently STILL reading burned. i know crazy but i stopped reading since the last time i posted but I'm finally kinda getting back into reading i have a million books i want to read so hopefully that means more updates on here. i have a few more additions to my to be read pile which yes i know i should probably read the ones i already have before buying more but i have an addiction:/. anyway happy reading to everyone. bye.