Thursday, January 6, 2011


First of all oh-my-god that was the longest reading block ever, but finally I am finished. I love this series but its taking way too long that's the downfall I'm having with getting excited about reading them. With that said, I think the first first few were better because now they seem so overdone. however, i still like them enough to still read them.

The second book is heartless a pretty little liars book by sarah sheperd. I find I'm kind of having the same problem with the series being too drug on. Also since it is very drama packed I like that but its kind of bittersweet because its like come on now really? you can only die so many times and come back before its ridiculous lol

Now I've started lock and key by sarah dessen but I'm really busy with school so I probably wont really get into it till tomorrow or Sunday.
night night-kortnee

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