Friday, December 23, 2011

wowza the holidays are here!(excuse the cornyness)

Hello everyone! I hope your excited for the holidays. I am, I just can't believe they are already here! I have been so busy with work and thanksgiving and visiting family its been a whirlwind. I have been back on my diet for a while but these huge family dinners haven't helped so I'm at a standstill of only  losing 12 pounds. I have recently gotten some early Christmas presents like the urban decay book of shadows four and the balm and the beautiful palette by the balm. I want to do a tutorial /review with that because I haven't seen many people with it, my mom found it at marshals. Anyway I'm currently up at 12:04 AM waiting till 3 in the morning for my mom to get home from work so we can open presents because we celebrate our Christmas on Christmas eve and we always convince her that it is technically Christmas eve then we should get to open them. I'm also especially excited because it is mine and my boyfriend William's first Christmas together so it's special for a sap like me! I'm not so excited about going to his family's Christmas tomorrow because it will be the first time they meet me besides like his mom and dad and immediate family. I know I will be fine but I still have the jitters. So I guess that is all for now tell me how your holiday functions go!- court.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Nars Danmari All About Cheeks Palette!

Hello again girls! Today's post is on this lovely palette I finally received this morning! It is the Sephora exclusive Nars Danmari All About Cheeks Palette. This morning I got up around 9:30 opened the door to see how the weather was and the U.P.S man was walking my Sephora package up I was so thrilled! The package came with my 3 free samples plus an extra perfume sample catalog. The pigmentation of course is flawless. Though I don't own any nars blushes I have tested many at the store. In other news I recorded a collection and organization video last night. I am now trying to put it up which is a big pain in my boo-tay lol. Can I say JEEESH! You have no clue the process it has taken but now I know the pain of it and though I didn't not appreciate gurus doing videos before, it has opened my eyes a ton.So this post is also to add my new palette in my collection. if you are interested in seeing the video my youtube link is and hopefully my video will be up soon!
I wish everyone a good day and night ttyl,


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Huge Hair show haulage!

Hey girls! So if you read my last post I told you I have lots of posts to do since I fell off the face of the earth of blogger lol. As you can see the first one is a haul from way back in the beginning of October when my mom and I went on a trip to an Indiana hair show. The trip was so fun and it was my first hair show as a cosmetologist and my mom is still a cos student so she also loved it since it goes towards some hours to graduate. Now on to the list of lovely things I picked up and some for free!

                                                       Free stuff and samples!
  • it's a 10 gave out four free full size products!: miracle hair mask, miracle leave in product, miracle styling serum, and miracle shine spray. If you have ever used these or even seen the salon price you know how unbelievably mind blowing this was for me and everyone there.They really are miracle products
  • Then I got a ton of samples that I've already used or given away but the few I have left are KMS california free shape quick blow dry spray, Goldwell straight style sign flat marvel straightening balm, and Wella professionals Stay Firm finishing spray.

                                        Things bought for me by my mommy:)

  • Three Color Evolution 8 stack mineral eyeshadow in Techno, Lucky Charms, and Glitz & Glamour. Came with eye primer lip gloss, clear nail polish, and mineral glow in cocoa.
  • Crown brushes in c108, c417, c208, c433, and c407. You have no idea or maybe you do how stoked I was to see crown brushes. I could have got nothing else and it would have made the trip! p.s. their holiday sale right now is up to 70 percent off!
  • Hempz lip glosses in yummy scents, warm apple cider, pumpkin pecan cheesecake, coconut cream frosting, gingerbread cookie, and pumpkin spice latte.
  • The rest of the stuff was in the discounted "garage sale" area of products that were overstock for the year or being replaced..ect. Two Tigi Bedhead conditioners in Dumb Blonde and Moisture Maniac, two Bedhead lipsticks in truth and beauty, three lip liners in fabulous, black cherry, kiss smudgie, and a liner in hottie smudgie.
  • Schwarzkopf professional osis+ freeze fix strong hold hairspray.
  • Kenra super hold finishing spray.
Thanks for reading and I hope every one is having a great holiday season so far!
p.s. check out my pink hair! Also I do plan on reviewing some of these but feel free to let me know if there is anything in particular you want to see.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm back now..!

Hey! how is everyone? I know I have been M.I.A for quite a while and if you have followed the blog for a while you know it means I haven't been reading and also I've been off of my diet for quite some time, though surprisingly I haven't gained much back I have lost zero:(. my plan as of now is to start my diet back up after thanksgiving because my body feels so much more sluggish and tired since I've been off. The main reason I first got off was because I started a really grueling job and didn't have time to exercise and got lazy about counting calories. After than I went spiraling down hill eating out and crappy ever since. The reason for being behind on reason is just plain out being tired from work and another reading block of coarse. I swear I love reading lol it's just the now that I'm getting older my free time is very little and gets used up fast by other things. Some good news is I've got some makeup hauling I want to make a post out of and a few other ideas coming soon. I hope everyone is doing fabulous! see ya!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today I decided to do a bit of a review on my Avon Ideal shade pressed powder and some other Avon products. First thing is no I do not hate Avon lol. With that said my powder has a very strong stinky chemical smell when you put it on. It is odd because if you smell it in the pan it doesn't have a very strong smell. Who knows I could've just got a bad one but I wont be repurchasing. Other than the smell its a pretty full coverage powder that does its job of setting foundation so if its just me that smells it you might love it.
The next product is Avon solutions ageless results eyecream. Yes I know I am only 18 but hey an early start couldn't hurt! Anyway I use this as my all over moisturizer and I love it. It takes a while to really set in my skin but once it does my skin feel amazing. And it also seem when I use it my foundation stays on longer and glides on smoother.
The last products for this review are the Avon glimmerstick and glimmerstick diamond eyeliners. I absolutely love these they are so pigmentined, stay on quite a while and double time if you set them with shadow. The two I have to show are emerald G65 and twilight sparkle G42. I've ran out of my black wich is equally as pigmented. I would say emerald is smudge resistant and twilight sparkle is smudge-proof! Thanks for reading! bye

Friday, September 23, 2011


Hey everyone! today's post as you can tell is about this lovely Inglot eye shadow palette that my boyfriend got me for my birthday then decided to give it to me early because I'm doing well on my diet! I have to say Inglot is everything I expected, awesome! Since I showed pictures of them on me I didn't do swatches but if you would like just ask! I used every color in this palette besides the first one, its just a matte nude color.Other products used were UDPP and NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk. The shadows I have are :
  • 355 matte-Cool tone light matte nude color.
  • 393 pearl-Warm tone pearly highlight.
  • 60 AMC- Not too sure what amc stands for but its a sparkly bright yellow.
  • 382 matte- Very red toned hot pink could go either way.
  • 504 DS- Again not too sure what DS means but sparkly blue turquoise color.
  • Pigmentation- amazing all of them are very pigmented.Even the matte shades you only need a little but and you don't have to dig into it.
  • Price-In my opinion the price is a steal. You get 2.7 grams of product for 5 dollars. To compare the quality is the same as MAC if not better in my opinion where you get 1.5 grams for 15 dollars.
  • Packaging-I personally think the packaging is awesome. My boyfriend made fun of me for playing with it so much and I was like well its the James bond of eye shadow palettes lol. Also since the freedom palettes are magnetic you can stack them. I can't do that yet, but I definitely will be.
  • Color selection-For the freedom system the are around 209 and that's not counting the shadows you can get from the regular line.
  • Finishes- All the finishes are true to what they are supposed to be the mattes are matte and the shimmers go on with the shimmer still in them. The pearl shadow I have is so pearly I love it is definitely my favorite new highlight.
  • Website-The way things are set up aren't very user friendly. First you go to then you have to hit shop online even thought they have tabs for makeup on the first page. Also there is a tab for a freedom Guide and it just shows an eye shadow going into a palette. Since I watch videos I know what the freedom system is but if I didn't there site would be no help. When selecting shades there is a nice automatic calculator but if you happen to miss that one shadow is out of stock it clears all the shades you selected which, is very annoying in my boyfriends words lol.
  • Arrangement- Putting the shadows in was very easy but on the other hand getting them out is a hassle and you have to be super careful or they will break.
  • Fallout- While they are very smooth if you aren't careful to tap the brush there is a bit of fallout from picking it up on your brush creating a lot of "shadow dust" you could call it.
All in all this product is amazing and well worth the price! I hope this was helpful, bye!
p.s. I forgot to add I wish they had names instead of numbers. not a huge deal though

Thursday, September 22, 2011

weightloss update!!!

So from the title you can probably tell that its a good one! Finally lol. So on Monday September 12th I started my diet in high gear I was pumped and ready to go starting at 250 pounds.On Thursday I started on the treadmill, sit-ups, push-ups, and shake-weight. Now I will caution you to start slowly with sit-ups and any exercise because I didn't listen to this and busted out 150 the first day and 60 the next day when I thought I was just sore. In reality I ended up straining them so bad I had to take a 2 day break because my abs hurt so bad I felt like a baby not being able to support myself enough to sit up. Also I'm drinking as much water as possible by using those flavor packets and when I am sick of those, no calorie tea. Doing all this which I'll add is not easy for me helped me to lose six pounds in the first week! A few tips that I use are:
  • Don't weigh yourself 10 times a day. I have my boyfriend hide the scale so I only weigh myself on Mondays. This way I'm not obsessively on the scale lowering my confidence because I haven't given enough time for the real difference to show.
  • Along with the first tip weigh yourself in the morning before you eat or drink anything and after everything has digested if you know what I mean lol these things can change your weight temporarily.
  • Create a schedule so you aren't excessively snacking or eating too late. Mine is to eat breakfast when I wake up around 9am, lunch at 12pm, and dinner at 5pm.
  • Something that helps me not snack is to chew a piece of the dessert gum Extra has out. If you think the flavor will make you crave more then try minty gum instead.
  • Keep track of things. My boyfriend and I have been documenting everything I eat and how much I exercise. Doing this helps you not forget any calories you've ate, showing your progress on exercising,and keeping record of how long it took you to lose what you want.
I'm not that far in but at this point I'm trying to get over the slump of demotivation that always makes me quit. Wish me luck, and I wish the same for you!

Monday, September 19, 2011

book update...finally

Last night I finally finished The Secret Circle: The Initiation and The Captive Part I. It was an O.K. book, not as gripping as the vampire diaries, but still good. I have to say its sort of slow because I figured out a big realization before the main character Cassie. Not to say I wasn't excited about doing so though hehe. As for the rest of the characters I like most of them. I just don't like that besides Faye, Diana, and Cassie the rest of the girls don't really stand out. That said I understand they aren't main characters so they don't necessarily have to. Welp that's all for now I do have an exciting weightloss update coming up in a few days! so look out for that tata!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getn WetnWild;)

My new obsession is Wetn'Wild pallets! Now I have used Wetn'Wild since I started makeup as a little girl because it was cheap and decent and I had no clue there was a whole world of makeup other than the drugstore that was a lot better. Now there isn't such a wide gap of quality between the shadows I'm going to talk about and some high-end makeup.
I've done swatches of all the palettes but I don't have the greatest speed of internet to do pictures so I just put my two favorite:Vanity and Lust on this post if you would like to see the rest just comment and let me know:) About the swatches, I put UDPP on one side of my hand vertically then put them on across it, you can tell more with the lust palette. The pigmentation of these is amazing except for the whites and minty green in the pride palette. Staying power is normal for me with a primer because I always use one. Thats all for now Thanks for reading bye!


I'm back and I'm late because I wanted to update my weight loss every month but to tell the truth I didn't follow it and have not lost any at all. Also not to anybodies surprise I took a very long break from reading after I tried to start a book called Shadow Baby by Alison Mcghee and I could not get into it. As of now I am reading The Secret Circle: The Initiation and The Captive Part I. So far it is interesting but I do think 19 chapters is a bit much just to have a main character go to school for two weeks and get initiated. That said though I am enjoying it mostly.
Currently Listening to If You See Him/Her by Reba McEntire and Brooks n Dunn. :)
Happy Thursday!

Friday, July 22, 2011


I know I know I'm a posting freak today but I promise this is the last one. I have decided to start and share my weight loss journey on here thinking it might help if anyone has tips or is nosy like me and likes to see these things.:) As of right now I am 249 pounds and would like to be around 130-140 because that is suposed to be around the right weight for my height. Just like every person I have ever heard about dieting I have tried over and over and over but this time It will happen. I am no doctor and am in no way saying I know all the right ways so I wont share every detail of what I'm doing just because I don't want anyone to risk their health even though its not dangerous for me it could be to someone else. What I will say is that I'm going to count calories and stop eating fast food and stop drinking pop as much as possible even diet because I hear its just as bad if not worse for my body. here are my first pictures. I know there will be ridicule but its a waste because obviously I know im too big or I wouldn't be doing this. anyway XoXo P.s. I had a little issue with cropping by head and the rest out so they look funny but oh well

Reject Or Repurchase?

This post is going to be a review on two drugstore products. The first I have had over a month or two to play with and the other I just got last night and feel so stongly about i can't wait. The first product is Revlon just bitten lip stain and balm. I purchased My firt in the shade passion and at first I was very happy with it the packaging was nice and the color went on beautifully too. But soon after the second or third use the balm broke and I thought maybe I'm just too rough oh well then the color would only come out on the first stroke and didn't last long enough just for my top lip. I really wanted this product to work and I wanted to try a different shade than I ever did before so I picked up the shade in forbidden and sure enough the about the same happened again except it lasted a few days longer which I think was because I started storing them tip down instead of them laying flat and that helped but still not much better. Nonetheless I tried one more shade in lust and got the same result I guess you could say I was fooled twice but all in all the balm feels great, the staying power was normal, and while they lasted they were a great sheer but build-able stain. Let me know what you think of them if you try them.
The second product, if you're still reading this lol, are covergirl eye enhancers. I bought two shades, french vanilla and champagne, in hopes of adding pretty highlights to my collection. Unfortunately they turned out very sheer unless I dug my brush in. They turned out best without digging with their own sponge applicator. I plan on using then as inner corner highlights because I spent the money but just like the Revlon lipstain I will not be repurchasing these Covergirl shades again I'm including pictures but I don't have special lighting so I'm only using outside natural light so the lighting may be off either way.The first picture showa the how long the lipstains lasted untill the started showing up patchy. the last went longer because it was the last purchased and has been used last.
The second picture shows on top champagne and below french vanilla applied with the sponge applicator. Believe it or not next to them i applied them with a sigma typical eyeshadow paddle brush but they are so sheer you can't see them. Thanks for reading XoXo


First I'd like to say hello to my recent new followers you have no idea how grateful I am. Second thing is that I changed my book challenge to 20 instead of 50 because it is more realistic for me. If I end up needing to I will raise it again but I doubt I will have to. Right now I have started just listen by Sarah and I'm sure I will love it like the rest but I plan on doing a group post about her books once I have read them all because I have a few ideas I'm putting together about her books. I'm going to add in some beauty related posts that I think will hopefully be helpful to some other beauty product lovers. XoXo
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Monday, July 4, 2011

awesome giveaway!!!

giveaway from my only real follower!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011


So I finished dreamland by Sarah Dessen in a very fast time for myself which excited me. I stayed up till 5 in the morning last night and then my boyfriend convinced me to go to sleep at page 135 in then I finished the rest today. First of all let me say I liked the book and didn't want to put it down. On the other hand I just felt like I was reading bits and pieces of Lock and Key and other descriptions of her books which is fine it didn't make me not like it most authors do have a general theme but it kinda felt like maybe I'm late on a secret that even thought they aren't a series they are still linked in characters main or not. On the bright side it was a nice refreshing break from all my series' and a good book all in all. My next book is keeping the Moon and I'm sure I wont be disappointed. Oh! and little side note, does anyone else think Sarah Dessen's favorite color is yellow? Maybe it's just me but a lot of the color detail ended up being yellow and in lock in key the house was yellow. I don't know it could just be a coincidence but it was in the back of my head every time she described something as yellow. tata for now happy reading:)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Last night I finished Awakened at 3 in the morning. As I've been saying still good but being really dragged on. I guess if I had just started the series now that most of them are all out it would be better but I've been reading these books for quite some time. When I finished and started on my adventure of the next book I want to read I found myself at a loss because I have so many I want to read but a lot them are series'. So I ended up picking dreamland by Sarah Dessen from my new books. Speaking of these are the new books added to my to be read pile:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I finished Wanted this morning. My thoughts are wow its a good ending but very far fetched. when I was telling my boyfriend about it he also agreed that it is like a soap opera teen style. I still think these eight books could have easily been put into four bigger ones but the author has to make more money and suspense somehow and I still like them just ready for this to be the end. With that read and done (haha) I am starting Awakened by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


As of now I have finished Fallen by Lauren Kate and started wanted by Sarah Shepard. Fallen was mediocre for me, for what all happened it could have been a lot shorter of a story in my opinion. I honestly think the best part of the book is the cover. Since I just got out of another reading block I haven't read much of Wanted or any other book for that matter and I have been done with fallen for probably a month give or take. That said I am about 16 books or so behind at this rate according to good reads on my 50 book challenge but since I am graduating I should have a lot more free time without worrying about homework and things. Thats all for now.
Currently loving Motivation by keri Hilson ft. Lil wayne;)

Friday, January 21, 2011

..Lock and Key...

**** SPOILERS****
So I'll start off by saying I absolutely love this book. I can't beleive I didn't pick it up before. I got off to a slow start because I'm buisy with school work and things but as soon as i actually sat down to really read it I was hooked. The main character Ruby was so interesting with all her theories and ideas on things, some I related to but most I just just got her point and understood why she felt the way she did. I think by the end my favorite thing was that after she had came around to everything changing she experienced how it felt for her sister and everyone to help her see she needed help when she was dealing with Nate. She got to kind of see the from the outside how wrong she was about being okay. I think IT would be good for everyone to step back and look at their situations and see whats really going on as the person trying to help them before things explode terribly and it would help. I gave this book 5 stars and i hope to read more of her books,
p.s. my next book is going to be Fallen by Lauren Kate
This is an assignment for english class I did on Lock and key so it might help you understand my views a bit more.

Book Lock and Key Author Sarah Dessen

Publisher The Penguin Group Copywrite 2008 No. of pages 422

Type of Book : Fiction or Non-Fiction (adventure, mystery, biography, etc.)

Fiction,Young Adult , romance, family tradjedy

List the characters. Under line the main character. Give a brief assessment of each.

Ruby- is a 17 year old living on her own in very bad conditions because her mom abandons her. When the landlord calls children services her sister Cora, adopts her and she goes to live with her and her husband, Jamie in their huge house and gets transferred to a private school.

Cora- Ruby’s sister who is ten years older than her and takes her in. She works as a social worker. She moved out of the house when she was 18 and planned to come back for Ruby but their mom made it hard because she purposely moved and changed their information when Cora would get closer to finding them.

Mom- Ruby and Cora’s mom had the same name as Ruby. After the dad left she turned into an alcoholic and druggie and at times hit the girls. She preached to ruby that everyone was out to get them and she had to learn to be independent and under the radar.

Jamie- is the owner of the social network site and is Cora’s college sweetheart and husband. Very cheerful and does everything he can to welcome ruby and give her every opportunity he could.

Nate- Next door neighbor boy who tries to get ruby to open up and he helps her the first night at Cora’s when she tries to run away but Jamie comes out so Nate covers for her. He works with his dad who is very controlling and beats him in the end he gets Cora’s help because ruby realizes she needs to help him. He and ruby become boyfriend and girlfriend.

The Honeycutts- The landlord husband and wife, who report Ruby’s mom abandoning her.

Mr. Blake Cross- is Nate’s dad, the owner of rest assured that he has his son

Nate help with.

Olivia- is Ruby’s friend at Perkins, day who was also from Jackson her old school.

Harriet-is a nervous wreck owner of a jewelry kiosk in the mall who hires Ruby to work for her.

Reggie- is friend of Harriet’s who owns a vitamin kiosk in the mall who likes Harriet.

Describe the setting. Explain how this had an affect on the characters and their actions

Takes place in wildflower ridge where Ruby Moves to with her sister and brother-in-law from the yellow house where her mom abandoned her.

Describe the climax of the story or most interesting part? (This will depend on the type of book.)

The climax to, was when Ruby is taking her calculus test and figures out that Nate is in the empty house that they once delivered stuff to then she goes there and talks him into

Describe the feeling and thoughts you had while reading this book?

When I was reading this book I felt like I connected with ruby. A lot of her thought on things were how I feel sometimes for example when she talks about leaving someone before you get left. Even though it might not be a good trait all the time its how I feel so I felt really connected with her. I also felt the emotions she was going through with everything changing and not feeling settled. Even though that not how my life is I just imagined and at times it made me cry like it was happening to me.

Provide five points of interest about the author.

-born in 1970 in Illinois.

-her parents were both professors at the university of North Carolina.

-He first official book was That Summer

-She has a husband, daughter and two dogs.

Identify other literary works of this author.

Just listen, The Truth about Forever, This Lulliby, Dreamland, Keeping the moon..ect.

Describe the author’s writing style (ideas and the way they are expressed).

Young language. First person. Some humor. Complex stories but, relatable.

Provide the two sources for your information.

and the book.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

no school...

So today I was getting ready for school and my mom tells me we have a two-hour delay.Now I figure I have the extra time to do something cool with my makeup so before I knew it had sparkly green,matte purple eyeshadow and magenta colored feather lashes on and i was totally going to wear them when my mom tells me we are closed, so that was a bust but I fully intend on wearing them wherever I go today and possibly try again tomorrow:)
-kortnee *im still in yet another reading block but i started lock and key by sarah dessen.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


First of all oh-my-god that was the longest reading block ever, but finally I am finished. I love this series but its taking way too long that's the downfall I'm having with getting excited about reading them. With that said, I think the first first few were better because now they seem so overdone. however, i still like them enough to still read them.

The second book is heartless a pretty little liars book by sarah sheperd. I find I'm kind of having the same problem with the series being too drug on. Also since it is very drama packed I like that but its kind of bittersweet because its like come on now really? you can only die so many times and come back before its ridiculous lol

Now I've started lock and key by sarah dessen but I'm really busy with school so I probably wont really get into it till tomorrow or Sunday.
night night-kortnee

Saturday, January 1, 2011


so I'm currently STILL reading burned. i know crazy but i stopped reading since the last time i posted but I'm finally kinda getting back into reading i have a million books i want to read so hopefully that means more updates on here. i have a few more additions to my to be read pile which yes i know i should probably read the ones i already have before buying more but i have an addiction:/. anyway happy reading to everyone. bye.