Friday, June 24, 2011


So I finished dreamland by Sarah Dessen in a very fast time for myself which excited me. I stayed up till 5 in the morning last night and then my boyfriend convinced me to go to sleep at page 135 in then I finished the rest today. First of all let me say I liked the book and didn't want to put it down. On the other hand I just felt like I was reading bits and pieces of Lock and Key and other descriptions of her books which is fine it didn't make me not like it most authors do have a general theme but it kinda felt like maybe I'm late on a secret that even thought they aren't a series they are still linked in characters main or not. On the bright side it was a nice refreshing break from all my series' and a good book all in all. My next book is keeping the Moon and I'm sure I wont be disappointed. Oh! and little side note, does anyone else think Sarah Dessen's favorite color is yellow? Maybe it's just me but a lot of the color detail ended up being yellow and in lock in key the house was yellow. I don't know it could just be a coincidence but it was in the back of my head every time she described something as yellow. tata for now happy reading:)

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