Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today I decided to do a bit of a review on my Avon Ideal shade pressed powder and some other Avon products. First thing is no I do not hate Avon lol. With that said my powder has a very strong stinky chemical smell when you put it on. It is odd because if you smell it in the pan it doesn't have a very strong smell. Who knows I could've just got a bad one but I wont be repurchasing. Other than the smell its a pretty full coverage powder that does its job of setting foundation so if its just me that smells it you might love it.
The next product is Avon solutions ageless results eyecream. Yes I know I am only 18 but hey an early start couldn't hurt! Anyway I use this as my all over moisturizer and I love it. It takes a while to really set in my skin but once it does my skin feel amazing. And it also seem when I use it my foundation stays on longer and glides on smoother.
The last products for this review are the Avon glimmerstick and glimmerstick diamond eyeliners. I absolutely love these they are so pigmentined, stay on quite a while and double time if you set them with shadow. The two I have to show are emerald G65 and twilight sparkle G42. I've ran out of my black wich is equally as pigmented. I would say emerald is smudge resistant and twilight sparkle is smudge-proof! Thanks for reading! bye

Friday, September 23, 2011


Hey everyone! today's post as you can tell is about this lovely Inglot eye shadow palette that my boyfriend got me for my birthday then decided to give it to me early because I'm doing well on my diet! I have to say Inglot is everything I expected, awesome! Since I showed pictures of them on me I didn't do swatches but if you would like just ask! I used every color in this palette besides the first one, its just a matte nude color.Other products used were UDPP and NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk. The shadows I have are :
  • 355 matte-Cool tone light matte nude color.
  • 393 pearl-Warm tone pearly highlight.
  • 60 AMC- Not too sure what amc stands for but its a sparkly bright yellow.
  • 382 matte- Very red toned hot pink could go either way.
  • 504 DS- Again not too sure what DS means but sparkly blue turquoise color.
  • Pigmentation- amazing all of them are very pigmented.Even the matte shades you only need a little but and you don't have to dig into it.
  • Price-In my opinion the price is a steal. You get 2.7 grams of product for 5 dollars. To compare the quality is the same as MAC if not better in my opinion where you get 1.5 grams for 15 dollars.
  • Packaging-I personally think the packaging is awesome. My boyfriend made fun of me for playing with it so much and I was like well its the James bond of eye shadow palettes lol. Also since the freedom palettes are magnetic you can stack them. I can't do that yet, but I definitely will be.
  • Color selection-For the freedom system the are around 209 and that's not counting the shadows you can get from the regular line.
  • Finishes- All the finishes are true to what they are supposed to be the mattes are matte and the shimmers go on with the shimmer still in them. The pearl shadow I have is so pearly I love it is definitely my favorite new highlight.
  • Website-The way things are set up aren't very user friendly. First you go to then you have to hit shop online even thought they have tabs for makeup on the first page. Also there is a tab for a freedom Guide and it just shows an eye shadow going into a palette. Since I watch videos I know what the freedom system is but if I didn't there site would be no help. When selecting shades there is a nice automatic calculator but if you happen to miss that one shadow is out of stock it clears all the shades you selected which, is very annoying in my boyfriends words lol.
  • Arrangement- Putting the shadows in was very easy but on the other hand getting them out is a hassle and you have to be super careful or they will break.
  • Fallout- While they are very smooth if you aren't careful to tap the brush there is a bit of fallout from picking it up on your brush creating a lot of "shadow dust" you could call it.
All in all this product is amazing and well worth the price! I hope this was helpful, bye!
p.s. I forgot to add I wish they had names instead of numbers. not a huge deal though

Thursday, September 22, 2011

weightloss update!!!

So from the title you can probably tell that its a good one! Finally lol. So on Monday September 12th I started my diet in high gear I was pumped and ready to go starting at 250 pounds.On Thursday I started on the treadmill, sit-ups, push-ups, and shake-weight. Now I will caution you to start slowly with sit-ups and any exercise because I didn't listen to this and busted out 150 the first day and 60 the next day when I thought I was just sore. In reality I ended up straining them so bad I had to take a 2 day break because my abs hurt so bad I felt like a baby not being able to support myself enough to sit up. Also I'm drinking as much water as possible by using those flavor packets and when I am sick of those, no calorie tea. Doing all this which I'll add is not easy for me helped me to lose six pounds in the first week! A few tips that I use are:
  • Don't weigh yourself 10 times a day. I have my boyfriend hide the scale so I only weigh myself on Mondays. This way I'm not obsessively on the scale lowering my confidence because I haven't given enough time for the real difference to show.
  • Along with the first tip weigh yourself in the morning before you eat or drink anything and after everything has digested if you know what I mean lol these things can change your weight temporarily.
  • Create a schedule so you aren't excessively snacking or eating too late. Mine is to eat breakfast when I wake up around 9am, lunch at 12pm, and dinner at 5pm.
  • Something that helps me not snack is to chew a piece of the dessert gum Extra has out. If you think the flavor will make you crave more then try minty gum instead.
  • Keep track of things. My boyfriend and I have been documenting everything I eat and how much I exercise. Doing this helps you not forget any calories you've ate, showing your progress on exercising,and keeping record of how long it took you to lose what you want.
I'm not that far in but at this point I'm trying to get over the slump of demotivation that always makes me quit. Wish me luck, and I wish the same for you!

Monday, September 19, 2011

book update...finally

Last night I finally finished The Secret Circle: The Initiation and The Captive Part I. It was an O.K. book, not as gripping as the vampire diaries, but still good. I have to say its sort of slow because I figured out a big realization before the main character Cassie. Not to say I wasn't excited about doing so though hehe. As for the rest of the characters I like most of them. I just don't like that besides Faye, Diana, and Cassie the rest of the girls don't really stand out. That said I understand they aren't main characters so they don't necessarily have to. Welp that's all for now I do have an exciting weightloss update coming up in a few days! so look out for that tata!