Thursday, September 22, 2011

weightloss update!!!

So from the title you can probably tell that its a good one! Finally lol. So on Monday September 12th I started my diet in high gear I was pumped and ready to go starting at 250 pounds.On Thursday I started on the treadmill, sit-ups, push-ups, and shake-weight. Now I will caution you to start slowly with sit-ups and any exercise because I didn't listen to this and busted out 150 the first day and 60 the next day when I thought I was just sore. In reality I ended up straining them so bad I had to take a 2 day break because my abs hurt so bad I felt like a baby not being able to support myself enough to sit up. Also I'm drinking as much water as possible by using those flavor packets and when I am sick of those, no calorie tea. Doing all this which I'll add is not easy for me helped me to lose six pounds in the first week! A few tips that I use are:
  • Don't weigh yourself 10 times a day. I have my boyfriend hide the scale so I only weigh myself on Mondays. This way I'm not obsessively on the scale lowering my confidence because I haven't given enough time for the real difference to show.
  • Along with the first tip weigh yourself in the morning before you eat or drink anything and after everything has digested if you know what I mean lol these things can change your weight temporarily.
  • Create a schedule so you aren't excessively snacking or eating too late. Mine is to eat breakfast when I wake up around 9am, lunch at 12pm, and dinner at 5pm.
  • Something that helps me not snack is to chew a piece of the dessert gum Extra has out. If you think the flavor will make you crave more then try minty gum instead.
  • Keep track of things. My boyfriend and I have been documenting everything I eat and how much I exercise. Doing this helps you not forget any calories you've ate, showing your progress on exercising,and keeping record of how long it took you to lose what you want.
I'm not that far in but at this point I'm trying to get over the slump of demotivation that always makes me quit. Wish me luck, and I wish the same for you!


  1. Thank you for reading my blog, Kortnee! :) I really appreciate it, considering I have like two followers and one comment. Haha. But I also wanted to let you know, from reading a few of your posts, I really enjoy your blog! I really love the reading challenge, I love books. :) And your weightloss post gives me the motivation to start that diet I've been putting off. Definitely following. :)

  2. Good luck & keep going! You can do it :)