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I know I know I'm a posting freak today but I promise this is the last one. I have decided to start and share my weight loss journey on here thinking it might help if anyone has tips or is nosy like me and likes to see these things.:) As of right now I am 249 pounds and would like to be around 130-140 because that is suposed to be around the right weight for my height. Just like every person I have ever heard about dieting I have tried over and over and over but this time It will happen. I am no doctor and am in no way saying I know all the right ways so I wont share every detail of what I'm doing just because I don't want anyone to risk their health even though its not dangerous for me it could be to someone else. What I will say is that I'm going to count calories and stop eating fast food and stop drinking pop as much as possible even diet because I hear its just as bad if not worse for my body. here are my first pictures. I know there will be ridicule but its a waste because obviously I know im too big or I wouldn't be doing this. anyway XoXo P.s. I had a little issue with cropping by head and the rest out so they look funny but oh well

Reject Or Repurchase?

This post is going to be a review on two drugstore products. The first I have had over a month or two to play with and the other I just got last night and feel so stongly about i can't wait. The first product is Revlon just bitten lip stain and balm. I purchased My firt in the shade passion and at first I was very happy with it the packaging was nice and the color went on beautifully too. But soon after the second or third use the balm broke and I thought maybe I'm just too rough oh well then the color would only come out on the first stroke and didn't last long enough just for my top lip. I really wanted this product to work and I wanted to try a different shade than I ever did before so I picked up the shade in forbidden and sure enough the about the same happened again except it lasted a few days longer which I think was because I started storing them tip down instead of them laying flat and that helped but still not much better. Nonetheless I tried one more shade in lust and got the same result I guess you could say I was fooled twice but all in all the balm feels great, the staying power was normal, and while they lasted they were a great sheer but build-able stain. Let me know what you think of them if you try them.
The second product, if you're still reading this lol, are covergirl eye enhancers. I bought two shades, french vanilla and champagne, in hopes of adding pretty highlights to my collection. Unfortunately they turned out very sheer unless I dug my brush in. They turned out best without digging with their own sponge applicator. I plan on using then as inner corner highlights because I spent the money but just like the Revlon lipstain I will not be repurchasing these Covergirl shades again I'm including pictures but I don't have special lighting so I'm only using outside natural light so the lighting may be off either way.The first picture showa the how long the lipstains lasted untill the started showing up patchy. the last went longer because it was the last purchased and has been used last.
The second picture shows on top champagne and below french vanilla applied with the sponge applicator. Believe it or not next to them i applied them with a sigma typical eyeshadow paddle brush but they are so sheer you can't see them. Thanks for reading XoXo


First I'd like to say hello to my recent new followers you have no idea how grateful I am. Second thing is that I changed my book challenge to 20 instead of 50 because it is more realistic for me. If I end up needing to I will raise it again but I doubt I will have to. Right now I have started just listen by Sarah and I'm sure I will love it like the rest but I plan on doing a group post about her books once I have read them all because I have a few ideas I'm putting together about her books. I'm going to add in some beauty related posts that I think will hopefully be helpful to some other beauty product lovers. XoXo
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