Friday, July 22, 2011


I know I know I'm a posting freak today but I promise this is the last one. I have decided to start and share my weight loss journey on here thinking it might help if anyone has tips or is nosy like me and likes to see these things.:) As of right now I am 249 pounds and would like to be around 130-140 because that is suposed to be around the right weight for my height. Just like every person I have ever heard about dieting I have tried over and over and over but this time It will happen. I am no doctor and am in no way saying I know all the right ways so I wont share every detail of what I'm doing just because I don't want anyone to risk their health even though its not dangerous for me it could be to someone else. What I will say is that I'm going to count calories and stop eating fast food and stop drinking pop as much as possible even diet because I hear its just as bad if not worse for my body. here are my first pictures. I know there will be ridicule but its a waste because obviously I know im too big or I wouldn't be doing this. anyway XoXo P.s. I had a little issue with cropping by head and the rest out so they look funny but oh well

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