Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm back now..!

Hey! how is everyone? I know I have been M.I.A for quite a while and if you have followed the blog for a while you know it means I haven't been reading and also I've been off of my diet for quite some time, though surprisingly I haven't gained much back I have lost zero:(. my plan as of now is to start my diet back up after thanksgiving because my body feels so much more sluggish and tired since I've been off. The main reason I first got off was because I started a really grueling job and didn't have time to exercise and got lazy about counting calories. After than I went spiraling down hill eating out and crappy ever since. The reason for being behind on reason is just plain out being tired from work and another reading block of coarse. I swear I love reading lol it's just the now that I'm getting older my free time is very little and gets used up fast by other things. Some good news is I've got some makeup hauling I want to make a post out of and a few other ideas coming soon. I hope everyone is doing fabulous! see ya!

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