Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getn WetnWild;)

My new obsession is Wetn'Wild pallets! Now I have used Wetn'Wild since I started makeup as a little girl because it was cheap and decent and I had no clue there was a whole world of makeup other than the drugstore that was a lot better. Now there isn't such a wide gap of quality between the shadows I'm going to talk about and some high-end makeup.
I've done swatches of all the palettes but I don't have the greatest speed of internet to do pictures so I just put my two favorite:Vanity and Lust on this post if you would like to see the rest just comment and let me know:) About the swatches, I put UDPP on one side of my hand vertically then put them on across it, you can tell more with the lust palette. The pigmentation of these is amazing except for the whites and minty green in the pride palette. Staying power is normal for me with a primer because I always use one. Thats all for now Thanks for reading bye!


  1. WNW is my all time favorite eyeshadow. Amazing products that are affordable.
    Their blushes are nice too.

  2. yeah I love it too its what i used when i was younger cause i didnt know of anything else and now i use it because i know its great. and yeah i love their bronzer i use it for contour everyday!